Monday, June 7, 2010

Rocking Shot (IInd Photo-walk FFC gang)


“Today I realized the exact meaning of PhotoWalk. It doesn’t require a specific prop, what it requires is a creative mind (which common in FFC).
We chose 
Badkhal Lake (fbd) as the shooting venue coz it is the real heritage of Faridabad and as we explained earlier our aim is to present the Faridabad in new avatar. And here we got to prove our aim!
We started our PhotoWalk with 7 members- Jasbir Boora, Jazzi Oberio, Poornika Rishi, Navneet kaur,Yasho Bhushan, Somanshu Kalra & (me) Harpreet Rishi .
First we warmed up our photonic spirits by clicking some animal’s photos (horse & camel were our model).

We moved on to explore the city’s heritage without knowing the result.
As we were walking, as usual what photowalk requires, our experts clicked photos from non-photogenic areas. Then we found a temple – 
Persona Mandir

It was like a real exciting trip from 
Badkhal Lake to that temple as we had to cross the undeveloped area which having a warning board in the starting saying “Tourists sholed not go beyond this point & beware of unsocial elements” (focus on the word ‘sholed’ (should), the govt. which can’t write a warning board correctly are appointed to save us!).

As we proceed we had an encounter with a man looking creature (Hariyana Police Constable) that was trying his level hard to scare us, but I guess our fully gadget proof photographers scared him more. Soon we left that lost minded constable back n proceed for our destination.

As we reached there, what we found was the 
Heaven on Earth (from the point of view of a photographer) with Temples, Rock Mountains, Monkeys, Peacocks, Dogs, Trees, pond, etc… etc… etc...Faridabad Fotography Clubtc…

We clicked some more awesome shots, which makes our photographers more enthusiastic to know what is next?

We found Saints, shot them with our guns (camera!). Then go down to earth to explore the beauty more ‘n’ more.

We then proceed back to Badkhal but by walking on the dried lake.
Then someone recall, “Oops we forget the group photo!”

So here we are with our Photowalkers of 
It’s been a really great experience of exploring the city & learning new things in addition.

I met some wonderful human beings, had enjoyed every single step & specially after having a tiring evening I’m more excited about tomorrow morning’s photowalk.

All the best to 
May this Photowalk reach to the top & become a lifetime journey.”

--"Harpreet Rishi" 


  1. Nice blog! I like the way you are passionate about Faridabad. And the concerns about the city, democracy and development! Keep it up! Bravo!

  2. Thanks sir! I m glad u visited on my blog! thanks for the encouragement! :)