Friday, June 11, 2010

3rd Photo-Walk- “Informative Shot…”

It was 6:00 am (6th june.10) when we started our 3rd photo-walk. This time despite of being Faridabad’s photography club, we chose Okhla Bird Sanctuary as our shooting venue.

We started our photo-walk with ten members i.e. Jasbir Boora, Poornika Rishi, Japs, Rajesh Parsher, Himanshu, Navneet kaur Ahuja, Somanshu Kalra & (me) Harpreet Rishi… but later on our eleventh member joined us, our delightful Photographer-cum-strict Teacher Mr. Vijay Bainsla (of whom I’ll discuss in brief later on).

This was the main part of the photo-walk, there was members of DFC & CFC who joined us in the PW not just to shot, admire & develop their photography skills but of course to help our FFC photographers to learn unique ideas, advantages & disadvantages in terms of photography.

While being in a Bird Sanctuary, only few of our photographers got their luck to shot & admire the unique birds, rest of all enjoyed shooting our local fellow birds (nightingale, crow & pigeon were their models). But surely we got some amazing shots there. We had an encounter with a super sexy spider, gorgeous plants & water droplets, scary shamshaan ghaat and thirsty hand pump, whish was waiting there for us from decades in the thirst of getting shotted.

When we were busy in finding birds, we got to find our new member of FFC- Mr. Kaushy. An old retired handsome guy with his magic gear to admire the beauty of birds. He was an excellent person with tons of knowledge & positive wives (not sure about wife…) Well as we moved on our eleventh member arrived with lots of energy, Mr. Vijay Bainsla, the only CFC member in our PW. He reminds me of my old English teacher… with same personality, teaching style & humor adding qualities. He taught our photographers various important lessons & cleared their doubts in terms of Photography. He might have rough tongue to teach but he carries smooth knowledge in the field of photography & humor of course.

While I’m not in photography, he forcefully tried a lot to convince me for clicking some shots, but hard luck sir!

But What I’ve learnt from him is that having a passion is not enough, we should also have to nourish it well…

While having ‘Nature’ as our PW theme, our photographers tried their skills in portrait also (as recommended by Rajeev sir). Model were our handsome FFC admin (and part-time model :D ) Mr. Jasbir Boora and our delightful Photographer-cum-teacher Mr. Vijay Bainsla.

In last, as we were getting late, eight of us clicked some more shots, group photos (in different poses) and went back to our shelters.

While coming back in the bus, I realized as more I’m getting involved with the PWs I’m more getting interested in photography & photo-writing. I was blessed & motivated and got new friends & teachers to learn from. Three cheers to the FFC gang for having such a memorable & informative Photo-walk.


Harpreet Rishi


  1. it must be a grt photowalk and lots of things FFc members learned frm Mr.Vijay, a wonderful personality as Harpreet said a rough tough teacher but really a man with full of knowledge. Happy clicking FFC. :)

  2. Thanks a ton sir for the appreciation & the motivation :)

  3. Very nice write up! Thanks for the complements, which are totally undeserved. Just make sure to keep away from Mrs. Koshy (She has read the part about wives and wife) I have a suggestion. In future when you organize a photo walk in an area, please take a guide, who knows about the place. For example, while visiting Okhla Bird Park a person who knows about the place and birds would have been a great help. Other places that I can suggest for PW are: Mehrauli Archeological Park behind Qutub, Qutub Minar Complex, Humayun's tomb, India Gate at sunrise, Daryaganj sunday market, Juma Masjid, Chandni Chowk, Mayapuri junk market, Pahrganj street, Chirag Dilli Village, Hauz Khas Village, Begumpur Masjid, Tughlakabad Fort, etc.

  4. thanks a lot sir... well all the things r well deserved for u :)
    And ya i'll keep ur suggestion in my mind secure for the next time!
    Thanks for gving suggestions in terms of Photo-walks.. I'll definitely share the list of venues with the admin of FFC (Mr. Jasbir Boora)... :)