Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Healthy... Wealthy... Wise!!!

I know the title sounds kind of nursery quote but its worthy & meaningful.
So lets define this quotation in our own words… ‘Healthy’ or Health in biological terms defines as the ‘Absence of disease’… that is some how incorrect.
In my sense, health requires complete fitness in terms of physical, mental and social well being. When people are healthy, they are more efficient at work. This increases productivity and brings economic prosperity, which we call ‘Wealth’ in our common terms.
In this so-called Hi-Tech lifestyle we have changed the meaning of health and wealth. For a MNC employee, health defines as eating salads and sweating himself in the gym… he had forget the meaning of mental-peace.
It’s a Scientific Fact that Americans live more than an urban Indian do. Reason: coz Americans knows how to earn & spent their hard work, they not only make their bodies work active but also kept themselves calm, energetic, joyful & entertaining during the working hours. It helps them to keep the mental peace alive and become healthy-wealthy living being.
While in India, we are busy in developing the society in terms of financial growth, forgetting the meaning of health & enjoyment. We work 24x7, having worst diet and spending thousands of money just for pumping our sweat-out. And this we called our Healthy Lifestyle!
We have to understand that wealth couldn’t make us happy until we become well healthy to enjoy it fully.
We need to grab our time from the busy schedules and despite of working in the gym, we should spend that time with our loved ones to make our mental status stable & relaxed!
For me, healthy life inspires to become wealthy by the use of our wise brain…
So its Healthy… Wealthy… Wise! (-Hence proved)

Harpreet Rishi…

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