Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Does Looks Matter???

I'm struggling with this question from the time i realized tht i'm a grl! Despite of having knowledgeable & respectful status why most of the male person goes with the looks while chosing thier life partners? Fitness is different thing but why looks become the main point when it comes to chose ur love? I've grown up while listening that I'm not slim 'n' sexy... if tht's so then dunno y frnds of mine are commenting "Pathakha" on this pic of mine.. yeah seriously looks matter.. but thts just for the period of time.. i mean i dunno how would I look alike in the age of 50+.. but I'm sure I'll be awarded with the best writer award.. Isn't it worthy enough.. no matter how i looks at least i would have my home & respect to live with! So for every girl who is thinking "Does looks matter?", stop thinking and start loving ur beauty... coz thts the easiest way to remain happy as ever...


  1. very interesting topic.. yeah looks matters.. specially choosing the partners everybody thinks/wants that his/her parter should be the most gud looking person in the world. This thing happen specially at love at first sight ( crush, infatuation ), but you would find very interesting couples which were earlier gud frnds and then they become partners. In that case this looks thing doesn't matter much, at the end how gud you are as a person will make the relationship last longer.

  2. very well said dear... i totally agree with ur thoughts! :)