Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Creative Souls - Part 1st"

Poornika Rishi- Nanki, Poonam, Poonu, Poo… whatever u call her, for me she is my angel with invisible wings!

Born in Amritsar (Punjab, India) on 23rd Nov. 81’ (It sounds kinda bollywoody but this city Bombshell have actually born in the typical village of Punjab on the spiritual day of Gurupurav!).

She is the real struggler in personal as well as in professional life. From the childhood, she had struggled for two of us (my elder sis & me) in terms of studies, freedom, respect, security & identity!

If I tell about her through my eyes, then there’s no word which describe her truly… harsh but sweet… caring but calm… gorgeous with grace… intelligence with knowledge… experienced with smartness… (aah… sorry I still can’t describe her truly!)

From my childhood days, I’ve a phobia of talking to her (seriously!)… She used to be serious, professional and calm every time… which for me at least was kinda weird thing in all that noisy environment…

If someone asks me to imagine RISHI FAMILY without Poornika di, then I would say there’s no family without her. For me, she is my Dad! She takes care of me, guide me, secure me from all the misshapen, angry on me on every horrible mess I create!

Well… I can say it undoubtedly that “She is my real DAD, she cares for me more than my parents do”(and that’s the 24 karat gold truth!)

And talking about professional life… then I feel myself lucky coz I know her (not perfectly) in both the worlds. Her professional life started in the age of 14-15… She struggled for her self-respect & success. Won several awards in her field of work… Explored other countries to gain knowledge… And still she is unsatisfied!

She is a great learner, fabulous teacher, web-designer, graphic-designer, computer expert, Writer, Shayar , Cook, singer, ‘Plan-Man’ employee & a dedicated photographer…

Both of us fight a lot (with-out reason!) but I realized her true value in my life when she got majorly injured in a road accident few months back. I was hopeless & I found myself helpless! I wished a lot to do something for her but my wishes remained unrealistic in front of everyone’s hard work. I cried, I literally cried a lot (but not in front of her).

Now, her anger, her smile, her tears, even every spoken & unspoken word of her matters me a lot!

I always pray & wish for her to have her own family with a loving hubby & world’s cutest children… rather than wishing her success in professional terms, coz I know she will be on top with a great & huge success! What she needs is her own family (that matters to her a lot, I knew it honestly!)

Well, with wiping-out my tears from the cheeks (which comes-out when I rewind the accident chapter again!) I’m completing my 1st Part of Creative-Souls.

And at last (but not the least)

I Love U Di J


Harpreet Rishi


  1. Really well written dear. I can feel the love and emotions of two sisters while reading. God bless you and your family.

  2. Thanks sir for the appreciation :)

  3. well Hardeep jee .. u made me cry .. cann't think of words right now .. Just I too am proud to be friend of Poornika :)

  4. well firstly the name is Harpreet not Hardeep sir :)
    secondly Thanks for the unspoken appreciation... and yup u r right, v r happy & proud to have Poornika di in our life :)

    Thanks again for the compliments u made for me.. they r vry valuable for me :)