Monday, June 7, 2010

Faridabad- “My Style My City!”

It’s been 17years while exploring this fabulous city.

I have born here, nourished my childhood and shared my pain, gained lots of happiness and still feeling what is next?


A city with full rush-push, horning & hiring, crime & controversy…

Also have some positive signs like Singer & dancers, from doctors to IITians, from engineers to chiefs, from politicians to photographers…

It includes versatility as the heritage.

While being an Industrial city, most popular ‘SurjKund Trade Fare’ held here every year!

If I talk about myself… then it’s the city which helps me in developing my confident, which gifted me freedom to walk proudly, which shared my joy of living in a modern city with an ancient touch!

I gained fun as a child, education as student, respect as a girl, powers as a human being, maturity as a teenager & most importantly knowledge as a writer!

Here I remain what I was & what I am!


As every coin has two sides… Faridabad also has negative side!

E.g. Town Park, which use to be the only family park when I was in Play School… now it is a Pre-lover point of faridabad!

Badkhal Lake (jiske badne ke liye kal kbhi aaya hi nahi) has an erotic view with dried lake!

SurjKund with lots of Suraj (with their girl friends along) become a artificial kund & a lover point (sometimes)…

Ya we have Thermal Power station here near to the Mathura road, that’s another thing that it is the mother of over growing pollution & population… How population? Coz it creates a lot of noise during every mid-night, which results in sleep loss… so… it turns out in increase in the population production!

But still I gained a lot except pollution, population & corruption; I gained respect, independence, freedom, knowledge, education, love & life!

That’s My Style… My City… My Faridabad!!!

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