Monday, September 20, 2010

My India My Home

Its been 63 years of independence with the population of 1.15 billion citizens; India got different ‘nicknames’, someone called it ‘Mother India’ and rest of all named it as the ‘Golden Bird’! Corrupted, poor, undeveloped & illiterate are the common ones we hear in our daily life. But for me India is My Home. A Home with its own tradition & culture, spirituality & simplicity, pollution & population, poverty & the purity, in short it’s a home with all its abilities & disabilities, a joint family of Tata-Birlas and the mango people.

It’s the home where waste caw dung recycled and used in the celebration of various festivals of different religion e.g. Lohri. It’s the home where population is more than its geographical area but still India lies on top when it comes for tourism. It’s the home where world’s richest man – Mukesh Ambani lives in a society of lower-middle class citizens.

India is the only country where every season has its own festival. It’s a country where rainfall is the symbolic of love & romance, where summer reminds me of cool watermelons & lemonades, where spring means outing with friends & swing on the rope, where winter ends with the hot popcorn and roasted peanuts! 

It’s the country where I feel free to ask about any desired location from a stranger, where every auto-rickshaw driver is my brother of the day. It’s the country where you can eat golgappas on every street corner and where every wedding includes crackers, DJ and spicy food! More on that It’s the only country where Whole Street named on a food item (Parathey Walli Gali – Delhi 6).

Its my country my home where I live respectfully & happily. It is the only place where I feel security & safeness. Where every human being comes alive during terrorist attack. Where my army brothers lost their life during Kargil war. Where I celebrate every festival with full joy & respect. Where I studied with my friends of different religion & shared knowledge.

And for me, the most important thing is it’s the only country where every talented person counts as an Artist!

It’s My Country My Home My India.

Citizen Of India:

Harpreet Rishi

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Emotional susceptibilities, a belief not based on reason, the power of sensation . . . well these are the tackiest lines I’ve ever read in any dictionary! (These are the ‘meanings’ of the word- ‘Feeling’ in the Oxford Dictionary! I’m still wondering while writing these meanings, what kind of ‘Power of sensation’ (feelings!) does the writer carried!)

There’s so many feelings or I would say ‘Power of sensation’ we get in our daily life, but still many of the independent souls who are working 24X7 in their field of work find themselves like a Robot! U might ‘have not’ noticed your actual feelings, which are there in your heart. Feelings like eating Cornetto ice cream cone (or any other of your favorite ice cream)! You grab Ur cone like a kid and wants to gasp it with in a second! But when Ur cone come closer to its dead end, u slow down Ur speed, u start enjoying it now… U knew it’d vanish within a minute but still u want to enjoy every second of it as like it’s your love! You can compare that exact kiddy enthusiastic feeling of yours with another example.

Have u ever hold your partner’s hand secretly specially when u were surrounded with your relatives & friends? That moment u knew that u might get caught or even your partner has to leave within few more minutes or so, but still u hold his/her hand so tightly as you are telling your love not to leave, stay here with me all the time! That warmness between the palms felt like the true love and when u get to know that your partner is leaving now, u hold his/her hand more tightly… your heart beats act like the ‘Rajdhani Express!’ (That’s the same feeling u get when u gasp the last byte of your Fvrt ice cream!)

Every feeling have it’s own taste, and believe me every taste is like ‘What u can die for!’ 

The most priceless feeling is the feeling of getting married specially in love marriage. That feeling when u know your love is about to become your ‘Official’ Life Partner is speechless. U start admiring your wedding card as the guarantee card of your life! That feeling when u look yourself as the bride/groom, when u feel that not only your surname but actually your whole life, identity & personality is about to change within few more months, you’ll live that desired dream of yours with your partner in ‘Your Home’ is just beautiful… I can feel that exact feeling! (No, I’m not getting married, not yet at least! But can understand through someone else’s eyes!)

Even for the 24X7 job oriented people, after coming back or even while driving back to your home after having tiring work loads & dead line issues, just a simple soft Kishore da track or any other of your favorite track can make u feel the pleasure while being in a crowd. U started enjoying your drive while u r stuck in a hectic traffic jam. Even sometimes u slow down the speed of your drive, as u know at last you’ll reach to your destination, so drive peacefully, no hurry at all, u feel your own time with your mind & soul!

And with that goody good mood, u can make your tired mom/wife happy, just by giving hands in the kitchen or by help her while washing utensil. That smile of her makes u feel like King of the world! Isn’t it? (If not so, then try it out, it actually works!)

Feel your feelings; you’ll feel the pleasure automatically! That’s my funda of living! Try it out, and remain as happy as u can!

Ur expert of Power-sensation J  :

Harpreet Rishi

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

People made Society? Or Society made people?

This article came-up in my mind while arguing with my Dad on the topic ‘Delhi’. One thing should be noticeable that we have divided citizenship according to the religion, no one have forced us or guided us but we did that by our own. Latest news ‘Allegations of financial irregularities in Common Wealth Games’ have helped me rising-up this issue. Many of my own relatives say that “This allegations has to be happened, at last its Delhi & Delhi people!” I want to know about these words ‘Delhi People!’ We have considered that ‘Delhi People’ are selfish, rude, and full of ego and are unfaithful, but what did Delhi done if its citizens are wrong? Delhi doesn’t have any special magical powers in its soil or water, which makes its citizen rude & unfaithful nor taught us any lesson related to corruption! Logically Delhi is the Capital State, people came from different region & religion and make itself their permanent address. Delhi is just a Metropolitan State in common words! 

In the issue of CWG financial controversy, my Dad’s reaction was “Its Suresh Kalmadi (O C’s Chairman) faults, and this allegation has to be happened as govt. selected ‘Delhi People’ to work internationally!” (O C stands for Organizing Committee in case u don’t know!)

Ok let me clear this, Suresh Kalmadi was born in Pune (Maharashtra, India), done his schooling & college in Pune itself, joint National Defense Academy again in Pune, was in Air Force Flying College that in Jaipur & Aallahbad and was in Indian Air Force as a practicing pilot in 1965’s war & 1971’s war with Pakistan. (I’m not writing an autobiography on Kalmadi, just want to highlight the states from where he had done his education part!)

As the conclusion, Kalmadi had never been to Delhi during that time of his learning days, but still he counted as a ‘Delhi People’ when he come under this controversy thing!

I’m not pointing/saying that Pune or any other state is wrong! I’m just trying to info u that ‘People make society nor Society make people!’ If citizens are wrong/corrupted it doesn’t mean that the whole nation is wrong/corrupted!

So next time when you say ‘Delhi People’ or ‘Mumbaikars’ or ‘Americans’ . . . Do keep in the mind that u r also a citizen of ur nation and can be counted among them also!

-Harpreet Rishi (Indian)

Friday, July 23, 2010

7th Photo-Walk – “Incredible India”

No we didn’t go for the India Tour! But have explored one of the most beautiful historical heritages of India- The Qutub Minar.

In the early morning (4am) I was listening ‘Sur Mille Mera Tumhara’ on A.I.R FM Rainbow. Later on @6am, I realized the true meaning of the song. It’s only in India where u can find unique historical monuments with a logical reason of building it, hence proved at Qutub!

Talking about the members, we are happy to have DFC with us to teach various abilities/disabilities in terms of Photography & gadgets. Jasbir Boora, Poornika Rishi, Yogesh Parashar, Sanjay Batra, Lovelish Arora, Debashish Sengupta, Ankush Maria, Anupam Chatterjee, Arindam Deb, Tirtho Biswas, along with Shagun Jasuja, Hakikat Boora, Vinay Mediratta (the new member of whom I’ll discuss later on) & (me) Harpreet Rishi (Thanks to my god gifted memory which helped me in remembering the names!).

Weather was not pleasant for the Monument shot as it was dull, a bit foggy on top & humid on down! But still we got some awesome shots (No matter it was of the Qutub Complex, Bird Parrot or the portrait session by Ankush Maria!)

We were not able to explore the whole Qutub Complex (due to the lack of time) but we shot the Imam Zamin’s tomb, Ala’I Darwaza (A.D.1311), Khalji’s tomb, khalji’s Madrasa, Tomb of Iltutmish and Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque.

Ankush Maria, Young talented knowledgeable handsome photographer working with India Today Group as staff Photographer and the admin of DFC was the first who thought to have a portrait session using Shagun Jasuja & Jasbir Boora (admin of FFC) as the models with Anupam Chatterjee, who was helping him there, and was Joyful, smart, creative and knowledgeable Photographer (he looks like Canadian NRI, don't know y!)

Debashish Sengupta, for those who want to know about cameras, gadgets and Delhi must contact him! Due to him I got to know which camera suits me and from where to buy cheap cameras with high quality!

Arindam Deb & Tirtho Biswas, The real surprise packages for me! The only ‘angry young man’ types serious & decent bengolies and now my best buddies! Arindam who was/is a phenomenal photographer, for him I would say ‘Great packages comes in thin-long packets!’ (Think positively Dirty Minds!). Tirtho, the guitarist, painter, designer… in short The Artist for me! (Wishing for the growth of Ur long hairs Tirtho!)… They are the only ones for whom I said (while chatting) “U laugh also!!!”… Now after having them, I’m sure I’ll enjoy the PWs professionally as well as personally too…

Vinay Mediratta, the telecom employee (ambani’s relative, hehehe… just kidding!) was the New member of DFC/FFC, and was kind of shy guy (don't know Y!) Happy to have u sir!

Sanjay Batra & lovelish Arora, DFC members, honorable, knowledgeable… While I didn’t interact with them, may be coz they seems to be the senior photographers…

Hakaikat Boora & Shagun Jasuja was the non-photographer but their presence was valuable. I would thanks Mr.Yogesh Parashar, the only senior photographer, and the bird watcher, strict for his timing, well disciplined and very knowledgeable in terms of birding. He was the one who helped us to reach the venue by giving us (Poornika & me) lift, thanks sir!

This PW was very special for me, not coz of my fvrt venue and not only coz I got my best buddies there! But of course coz First time in the PW I clicked some shots by myself! (Yuppie!) Our PW ends at 9:30am but coz some of us were really hungry (including me, hehe), so we went to Mcdonald’s of Saket. Had some American breakfast (haha...) with a cup full of valuable knowledge by Ankush Sir… And then finally we proceed to our shelters at 10:30am.

We shouldn’t forget to thanks Poornika for recommending the Qutub as our venue. And Congrats FFC for the first ever Monument Photo-walk!


Harpreet Rishi

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

4th Photo-Walk- “Light… Camera… Action!!!”

A studio with huge lighting setup, professional make-up artist, professional models, talented and creative photographers, flashing, sparks, glamour, fashion… It sounds like shooting of a bollywood film, but it was our 4th PW’s theme- Fashion Photography. And Mr. Kalra was our teacher-photographer-studio owner… A Punjabi businessman-cum-photographer with excellent sense of humor & knowledge in terms of lighting & studio photography. He was the master among all in the field of lightings & photography.

He taught us the abilities, advantages-disadvantages & the perfection, which was needed in studio photography. He didn’t waste our time when the model was getting ready, he consumed every single minute of our by giving us knowledge about lighting techniques.

It was 10:00am when we started exploring the studio through our guns (cameras!). This time members were less- Jasbir Boora, Jasminder Oberoi, Vijay Bainsla, Mr. Kalra and (me) Harpreet Rishi were the only FFC members. Akshata Bhatt, 20years old animation student-cum-photographer joined us or I would say we joined her. (Its surprising but all the info about Akshata was taken & written by Vijay sir and I’m still wondering y he asked her about her favorite Parathas in chandani chawk, I didn’t have any idea about the flavors of parathas nor this paratha thing relates with the studio photography! No matter, she likes Pudhina paratha for your information!)

We met Ms.Veena Bhatt (another Bhatt!). A beautiful professional make-up artist for whom studio-makeup is the passion. Studied in literature & was the pure Delhi wassi! She was the one who was in lime-light, all the efforts from dressing-up the model to the make-up creativity was all her talent.

Then the model arrives, Ms.Rupa Khurana, Indian Talent Hunt winner and was the contestant in the reality shows ‘Rahul Dhulahaniya Le Jayega’. Beautiful, tall, polite and sexy at the same time. She was the star in our PW, without her efforts we wouldn’t get those wonderful shots.

I realized how hard modeling was, you have to pose correctly as ordered by the photographer additionally you’ve to put your emotions for the shot as well. Its too hard to make different poses when the lights were hitting into your eyes, all the make-up & dress load and in the attention of every single person around. Heads off to her efforts & the styles she carry with herself.

We shotted western then move on to Indian Photo-shot. And every shot was/is marvelous.

This shot was very informative (specially for me!)… Coz we met another celebrity there, Mr. V.S Mehta, the professional photographer & the owner of FIPA India.

I was blessed to meet so much talented celebrities in the field of photography, modeling & glamour. I know the members were less but the spirit of learning was too high!

I would thank Jazzi sir, who gave me the lift to malvia nagar (where the studio was situated), otherwise it was not possible for me to reach. And Mr.Kalra who welcomed me & introduced me with everyone in a very polite & joyful way. And thanks for making our 4th PW memorable.


Harpreet Rishi.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Does Looks Matter???

I'm struggling with this question from the time i realized tht i'm a grl! Despite of having knowledgeable & respectful status why most of the male person goes with the looks while chosing thier life partners? Fitness is different thing but why looks become the main point when it comes to chose ur love? I've grown up while listening that I'm not slim 'n' sexy... if tht's so then dunno y frnds of mine are commenting "Pathakha" on this pic of mine.. yeah seriously looks matter.. but thts just for the period of time.. i mean i dunno how would I look alike in the age of 50+.. but I'm sure I'll be awarded with the best writer award.. Isn't it worthy enough.. no matter how i looks at least i would have my home & respect to live with! So for every girl who is thinking "Does looks matter?", stop thinking and start loving ur beauty... coz thts the easiest way to remain happy as ever...

Healthy... Wealthy... Wise!!!

I know the title sounds kind of nursery quote but its worthy & meaningful.
So lets define this quotation in our own words… ‘Healthy’ or Health in biological terms defines as the ‘Absence of disease’… that is some how incorrect.
In my sense, health requires complete fitness in terms of physical, mental and social well being. When people are healthy, they are more efficient at work. This increases productivity and brings economic prosperity, which we call ‘Wealth’ in our common terms.
In this so-called Hi-Tech lifestyle we have changed the meaning of health and wealth. For a MNC employee, health defines as eating salads and sweating himself in the gym… he had forget the meaning of mental-peace.
It’s a Scientific Fact that Americans live more than an urban Indian do. Reason: coz Americans knows how to earn & spent their hard work, they not only make their bodies work active but also kept themselves calm, energetic, joyful & entertaining during the working hours. It helps them to keep the mental peace alive and become healthy-wealthy living being.
While in India, we are busy in developing the society in terms of financial growth, forgetting the meaning of health & enjoyment. We work 24x7, having worst diet and spending thousands of money just for pumping our sweat-out. And this we called our Healthy Lifestyle!
We have to understand that wealth couldn’t make us happy until we become well healthy to enjoy it fully.
We need to grab our time from the busy schedules and despite of working in the gym, we should spend that time with our loved ones to make our mental status stable & relaxed!
For me, healthy life inspires to become wealthy by the use of our wise brain…
So its Healthy… Wealthy… Wise! (-Hence proved)

Harpreet Rishi…

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Creative Souls - Part 1st"

Poornika Rishi- Nanki, Poonam, Poonu, Poo… whatever u call her, for me she is my angel with invisible wings!

Born in Amritsar (Punjab, India) on 23rd Nov. 81’ (It sounds kinda bollywoody but this city Bombshell have actually born in the typical village of Punjab on the spiritual day of Gurupurav!).

She is the real struggler in personal as well as in professional life. From the childhood, she had struggled for two of us (my elder sis & me) in terms of studies, freedom, respect, security & identity!

If I tell about her through my eyes, then there’s no word which describe her truly… harsh but sweet… caring but calm… gorgeous with grace… intelligence with knowledge… experienced with smartness… (aah… sorry I still can’t describe her truly!)

From my childhood days, I’ve a phobia of talking to her (seriously!)… She used to be serious, professional and calm every time… which for me at least was kinda weird thing in all that noisy environment…

If someone asks me to imagine RISHI FAMILY without Poornika di, then I would say there’s no family without her. For me, she is my Dad! She takes care of me, guide me, secure me from all the misshapen, angry on me on every horrible mess I create!

Well… I can say it undoubtedly that “She is my real DAD, she cares for me more than my parents do”(and that’s the 24 karat gold truth!)

And talking about professional life… then I feel myself lucky coz I know her (not perfectly) in both the worlds. Her professional life started in the age of 14-15… She struggled for her self-respect & success. Won several awards in her field of work… Explored other countries to gain knowledge… And still she is unsatisfied!

She is a great learner, fabulous teacher, web-designer, graphic-designer, computer expert, Writer, Shayar , Cook, singer, ‘Plan-Man’ employee & a dedicated photographer…

Both of us fight a lot (with-out reason!) but I realized her true value in my life when she got majorly injured in a road accident few months back. I was hopeless & I found myself helpless! I wished a lot to do something for her but my wishes remained unrealistic in front of everyone’s hard work. I cried, I literally cried a lot (but not in front of her).

Now, her anger, her smile, her tears, even every spoken & unspoken word of her matters me a lot!

I always pray & wish for her to have her own family with a loving hubby & world’s cutest children… rather than wishing her success in professional terms, coz I know she will be on top with a great & huge success! What she needs is her own family (that matters to her a lot, I knew it honestly!)

Well, with wiping-out my tears from the cheeks (which comes-out when I rewind the accident chapter again!) I’m completing my 1st Part of Creative-Souls.

And at last (but not the least)

I Love U Di J


Harpreet Rishi

Friday, June 11, 2010

3rd Photo-Walk- “Informative Shot…”

It was 6:00 am (6th june.10) when we started our 3rd photo-walk. This time despite of being Faridabad’s photography club, we chose Okhla Bird Sanctuary as our shooting venue.

We started our photo-walk with ten members i.e. Jasbir Boora, Poornika Rishi, Japs, Rajesh Parsher, Himanshu, Navneet kaur Ahuja, Somanshu Kalra & (me) Harpreet Rishi… but later on our eleventh member joined us, our delightful Photographer-cum-strict Teacher Mr. Vijay Bainsla (of whom I’ll discuss in brief later on).

This was the main part of the photo-walk, there was members of DFC & CFC who joined us in the PW not just to shot, admire & develop their photography skills but of course to help our FFC photographers to learn unique ideas, advantages & disadvantages in terms of photography.

While being in a Bird Sanctuary, only few of our photographers got their luck to shot & admire the unique birds, rest of all enjoyed shooting our local fellow birds (nightingale, crow & pigeon were their models). But surely we got some amazing shots there. We had an encounter with a super sexy spider, gorgeous plants & water droplets, scary shamshaan ghaat and thirsty hand pump, whish was waiting there for us from decades in the thirst of getting shotted.

When we were busy in finding birds, we got to find our new member of FFC- Mr. Kaushy. An old retired handsome guy with his magic gear to admire the beauty of birds. He was an excellent person with tons of knowledge & positive wives (not sure about wife…) Well as we moved on our eleventh member arrived with lots of energy, Mr. Vijay Bainsla, the only CFC member in our PW. He reminds me of my old English teacher… with same personality, teaching style & humor adding qualities. He taught our photographers various important lessons & cleared their doubts in terms of Photography. He might have rough tongue to teach but he carries smooth knowledge in the field of photography & humor of course.

While I’m not in photography, he forcefully tried a lot to convince me for clicking some shots, but hard luck sir!

But What I’ve learnt from him is that having a passion is not enough, we should also have to nourish it well…

While having ‘Nature’ as our PW theme, our photographers tried their skills in portrait also (as recommended by Rajeev sir). Model were our handsome FFC admin (and part-time model :D ) Mr. Jasbir Boora and our delightful Photographer-cum-teacher Mr. Vijay Bainsla.

In last, as we were getting late, eight of us clicked some more shots, group photos (in different poses) and went back to our shelters.

While coming back in the bus, I realized as more I’m getting involved with the PWs I’m more getting interested in photography & photo-writing. I was blessed & motivated and got new friends & teachers to learn from. Three cheers to the FFC gang for having such a memorable & informative Photo-walk.


Harpreet Rishi

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Beautiful Lake of City Beautiful...

Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh, India is an artificial lake at the foothills of the Himalayas, the Shivalik hills. The creation of the lake was one of the greatest gift from Le Corbusier and the Chief Engineer P L Verma to the city of Chandigarh. To preserve its tranquility Corbusier insisted that it be forbidden to motorboats and the top of the dam (promenade) prohibited to vehicular traffic. This is the latest view of the great sukhna lake…which is sukhi sukhna lake now!

Instead of blaming govt. for the situation of the lake, we should notice our movements coz of which lake is getting polluted… plastic bags, bottles, garbage, unwanted papers… etc are the elements gifted by us to this lake. It’s a request and a warning to all the chandigarh individuals that we should take this issue seriously and help govt. to save our Sukhana lake from getting wasted by stop polluting it! 

Monday, June 7, 2010

Rocking Shot (IInd Photo-walk FFC gang)


“Today I realized the exact meaning of PhotoWalk. It doesn’t require a specific prop, what it requires is a creative mind (which common in FFC).
We chose 
Badkhal Lake (fbd) as the shooting venue coz it is the real heritage of Faridabad and as we explained earlier our aim is to present the Faridabad in new avatar. And here we got to prove our aim!
We started our PhotoWalk with 7 members- Jasbir Boora, Jazzi Oberio, Poornika Rishi, Navneet kaur,Yasho Bhushan, Somanshu Kalra & (me) Harpreet Rishi .
First we warmed up our photonic spirits by clicking some animal’s photos (horse & camel were our model).

We moved on to explore the city’s heritage without knowing the result.
As we were walking, as usual what photowalk requires, our experts clicked photos from non-photogenic areas. Then we found a temple – 
Persona Mandir

It was like a real exciting trip from 
Badkhal Lake to that temple as we had to cross the undeveloped area which having a warning board in the starting saying “Tourists sholed not go beyond this point & beware of unsocial elements” (focus on the word ‘sholed’ (should), the govt. which can’t write a warning board correctly are appointed to save us!).

As we proceed we had an encounter with a man looking creature (Hariyana Police Constable) that was trying his level hard to scare us, but I guess our fully gadget proof photographers scared him more. Soon we left that lost minded constable back n proceed for our destination.

As we reached there, what we found was the 
Heaven on Earth (from the point of view of a photographer) with Temples, Rock Mountains, Monkeys, Peacocks, Dogs, Trees, pond, etc… etc… etc...Faridabad Fotography Clubtc…

We clicked some more awesome shots, which makes our photographers more enthusiastic to know what is next?

We found Saints, shot them with our guns (camera!). Then go down to earth to explore the beauty more ‘n’ more.

We then proceed back to Badkhal but by walking on the dried lake.
Then someone recall, “Oops we forget the group photo!”

So here we are with our Photowalkers of 
It’s been a really great experience of exploring the city & learning new things in addition.

I met some wonderful human beings, had enjoyed every single step & specially after having a tiring evening I’m more excited about tomorrow morning’s photowalk.

All the best to 
May this Photowalk reach to the top & become a lifetime journey.”

--"Harpreet Rishi" 

Faridabad Fotography Club (Description)

“FARIDABAD FOTOGRAPHY CLUB – Various Expressions, Same Language”


FFC is founded by a group of friends with the explicit purpose of serving a form of art, which focus on gaining new skills of photography, and it includes enhancement of existing skills too by group activities. FFC will allow freedom for honest expression and will support sharing of knowledge. It’s all about the liberty to explore various artistic forms through a third eye. FFC is here to present the Faridabad in new avatar despite of being an industrial city. The aim of the FFC is to educate us in the field of photography, bringing a continuous movement to nurture our skills.

FFC believes that all group’s activities and programs undertaken should lead to results, which in turn should impact the life of members who are participating.


Five likeminded individuals, who shared a similar perception about photography and camera, realized that till date, many people run towards Delhi to satisfy their artistic desire. Hence, they joined hands to form a group, with the idea of exploring Faridabad through their third eye (camera). The five people who were instrumental in the founding of FFC include:


1.     Mr.Jasbir Boora

2.     Mr.Yasho Bhushan

3.     Mr.Vijay Suri

4.     Miss.Poornika Rishi

5.     Miss.Navneet Kaur Ahuja

Family or Friends???...

Today someone asked me a unexpected question... "Who is more important for u FAMILY or FRIENDS n why???"...
The answer was simple but still complicated... i think a lot...

For me Friends r like the fossil fuels.. bcoz they r renewable.. we can found them in every bit of
our life... they become more energetic day by day n help us remain active...

But that was not my actual answer.... 

FAMILY is more important bcoz they r like conserved resources or u can say they r being stored for the development of the generations... they have the experience to rule the world.. they knew exactly what u need... they r the one who guides u the correct way..

we can begin a new start with the conserved sources but can't do that with renewable bcoz they r already renewing themselves....

Thus for me family is more important but still as one said "Humans r unsatisfied animal".. so i still want my friends to be with me all the time...:)
Kya kre ye dil mange more!!!!.....;)


There's one question which revolve around in my mind whenever i read a newspaper..

I Don't think so.....!!!

But our respectful brave Politicians says-"India is an Independent Country"...!

I guess for them INDEPENDENCE means beating the youth for the sake of showing their massive power n rights...
Or may be for them forcing and kidnapping small girls n trained them to become a CALL GIRL is called the INDEPENDENCE!!!
killing n destroying many precious life while making Delhi a pure Metropolitan State is the INDEPENDENCE for them...where we do not have guaranty of living long...

And no matter..

Killing women in the cases of Dowry, rape and girl-child abortion for them is the real INDEPENDENCE!!!

If these crimes, unfaithfulness n streets with blood marks on them are the symbol of INDEPENDENCE..then no doubt our lovable nation is an INDEPENDENT COUNTRY!!!!!

Developing INDIA!!!

India is developing!.. Really???...

Somethings are really developed or i would say developing in India.. like :-

CRIME- Pehle rape hota tha.. ab Gang rape hota hai!!!

STATE- 28 or 29? Still confused!!.. Thanks to mrs/ms (again confused..:D.. ) Mayawati Ji!

ENTERTAINMENT- Pehle Blue Film banti thi, ab MMS ka zamana hai!!!

FOOD- Jo log dhaabe pr Amritsari nan khate the..ab wo Gurgaon ke Ambiance Mall jate hai..

LANGUAGE- Pupil using 'HELLO'.. now talk like Americans..(wassup)..:D

INFRASTRUCTURE- Metro came.. population decrease.. thanks to the Builders..

LOVE- Pehle First Sight Love.. Ab First Chat Love!!!

ENVIRONMENT- Pehle.. I couldn't count stars in the sky.. now i couldn't see them!! Thanks
to the development of Pollution..

COMMUNICATION- 1st- Letters..
2nd- landlines..
3rd- Mobiles..

FESTIVALS- Pehle Rakhiya post krte the.. ab Scrap krte hai!! 

CLOTHS- Pehle jism dhkne ke liye pehnte the... ab.. (hehehe.. u know wat i wanna say...
dirty minds..:D..)..!

FILMS- Pehle-- DOSTI..
Ab-- DOSTANA..!!!


Childhood Maturity by Poornika_Rishi.

Faridabad- “My Style My City!”

It’s been 17years while exploring this fabulous city.

I have born here, nourished my childhood and shared my pain, gained lots of happiness and still feeling what is next?


A city with full rush-push, horning & hiring, crime & controversy…

Also have some positive signs like Singer & dancers, from doctors to IITians, from engineers to chiefs, from politicians to photographers…

It includes versatility as the heritage.

While being an Industrial city, most popular ‘SurjKund Trade Fare’ held here every year!

If I talk about myself… then it’s the city which helps me in developing my confident, which gifted me freedom to walk proudly, which shared my joy of living in a modern city with an ancient touch!

I gained fun as a child, education as student, respect as a girl, powers as a human being, maturity as a teenager & most importantly knowledge as a writer!

Here I remain what I was & what I am!


As every coin has two sides… Faridabad also has negative side!

E.g. Town Park, which use to be the only family park when I was in Play School… now it is a Pre-lover point of faridabad!

Badkhal Lake (jiske badne ke liye kal kbhi aaya hi nahi) has an erotic view with dried lake!

SurjKund with lots of Suraj (with their girl friends along) become a artificial kund & a lover point (sometimes)…

Ya we have Thermal Power station here near to the Mathura road, that’s another thing that it is the mother of over growing pollution & population… How population? Coz it creates a lot of noise during every mid-night, which results in sleep loss… so… it turns out in increase in the population production!

But still I gained a lot except pollution, population & corruption; I gained respect, independence, freedom, knowledge, education, love & life!

That’s My Style… My City… My Faridabad!!!