Monday, September 20, 2010

My India My Home

Its been 63 years of independence with the population of 1.15 billion citizens; India got different ‘nicknames’, someone called it ‘Mother India’ and rest of all named it as the ‘Golden Bird’! Corrupted, poor, undeveloped & illiterate are the common ones we hear in our daily life. But for me India is My Home. A Home with its own tradition & culture, spirituality & simplicity, pollution & population, poverty & the purity, in short it’s a home with all its abilities & disabilities, a joint family of Tata-Birlas and the mango people.

It’s the home where waste caw dung recycled and used in the celebration of various festivals of different religion e.g. Lohri. It’s the home where population is more than its geographical area but still India lies on top when it comes for tourism. It’s the home where world’s richest man – Mukesh Ambani lives in a society of lower-middle class citizens.

India is the only country where every season has its own festival. It’s a country where rainfall is the symbolic of love & romance, where summer reminds me of cool watermelons & lemonades, where spring means outing with friends & swing on the rope, where winter ends with the hot popcorn and roasted peanuts! 

It’s the country where I feel free to ask about any desired location from a stranger, where every auto-rickshaw driver is my brother of the day. It’s the country where you can eat golgappas on every street corner and where every wedding includes crackers, DJ and spicy food! More on that It’s the only country where Whole Street named on a food item (Parathey Walli Gali – Delhi 6).

Its my country my home where I live respectfully & happily. It is the only place where I feel security & safeness. Where every human being comes alive during terrorist attack. Where my army brothers lost their life during Kargil war. Where I celebrate every festival with full joy & respect. Where I studied with my friends of different religion & shared knowledge.

And for me, the most important thing is it’s the only country where every talented person counts as an Artist!

It’s My Country My Home My India.

Citizen Of India:

Harpreet Rishi

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Emotional susceptibilities, a belief not based on reason, the power of sensation . . . well these are the tackiest lines I’ve ever read in any dictionary! (These are the ‘meanings’ of the word- ‘Feeling’ in the Oxford Dictionary! I’m still wondering while writing these meanings, what kind of ‘Power of sensation’ (feelings!) does the writer carried!)

There’s so many feelings or I would say ‘Power of sensation’ we get in our daily life, but still many of the independent souls who are working 24X7 in their field of work find themselves like a Robot! U might ‘have not’ noticed your actual feelings, which are there in your heart. Feelings like eating Cornetto ice cream cone (or any other of your favorite ice cream)! You grab Ur cone like a kid and wants to gasp it with in a second! But when Ur cone come closer to its dead end, u slow down Ur speed, u start enjoying it now… U knew it’d vanish within a minute but still u want to enjoy every second of it as like it’s your love! You can compare that exact kiddy enthusiastic feeling of yours with another example.

Have u ever hold your partner’s hand secretly specially when u were surrounded with your relatives & friends? That moment u knew that u might get caught or even your partner has to leave within few more minutes or so, but still u hold his/her hand so tightly as you are telling your love not to leave, stay here with me all the time! That warmness between the palms felt like the true love and when u get to know that your partner is leaving now, u hold his/her hand more tightly… your heart beats act like the ‘Rajdhani Express!’ (That’s the same feeling u get when u gasp the last byte of your Fvrt ice cream!)

Every feeling have it’s own taste, and believe me every taste is like ‘What u can die for!’ 

The most priceless feeling is the feeling of getting married specially in love marriage. That feeling when u know your love is about to become your ‘Official’ Life Partner is speechless. U start admiring your wedding card as the guarantee card of your life! That feeling when u look yourself as the bride/groom, when u feel that not only your surname but actually your whole life, identity & personality is about to change within few more months, you’ll live that desired dream of yours with your partner in ‘Your Home’ is just beautiful… I can feel that exact feeling! (No, I’m not getting married, not yet at least! But can understand through someone else’s eyes!)

Even for the 24X7 job oriented people, after coming back or even while driving back to your home after having tiring work loads & dead line issues, just a simple soft Kishore da track or any other of your favorite track can make u feel the pleasure while being in a crowd. U started enjoying your drive while u r stuck in a hectic traffic jam. Even sometimes u slow down the speed of your drive, as u know at last you’ll reach to your destination, so drive peacefully, no hurry at all, u feel your own time with your mind & soul!

And with that goody good mood, u can make your tired mom/wife happy, just by giving hands in the kitchen or by help her while washing utensil. That smile of her makes u feel like King of the world! Isn’t it? (If not so, then try it out, it actually works!)

Feel your feelings; you’ll feel the pleasure automatically! That’s my funda of living! Try it out, and remain as happy as u can!

Ur expert of Power-sensation J  :

Harpreet Rishi