Wednesday, June 30, 2010

4th Photo-Walk- “Light… Camera… Action!!!”

A studio with huge lighting setup, professional make-up artist, professional models, talented and creative photographers, flashing, sparks, glamour, fashion… It sounds like shooting of a bollywood film, but it was our 4th PW’s theme- Fashion Photography. And Mr. Kalra was our teacher-photographer-studio owner… A Punjabi businessman-cum-photographer with excellent sense of humor & knowledge in terms of lighting & studio photography. He was the master among all in the field of lightings & photography.

He taught us the abilities, advantages-disadvantages & the perfection, which was needed in studio photography. He didn’t waste our time when the model was getting ready, he consumed every single minute of our by giving us knowledge about lighting techniques.

It was 10:00am when we started exploring the studio through our guns (cameras!). This time members were less- Jasbir Boora, Jasminder Oberoi, Vijay Bainsla, Mr. Kalra and (me) Harpreet Rishi were the only FFC members. Akshata Bhatt, 20years old animation student-cum-photographer joined us or I would say we joined her. (Its surprising but all the info about Akshata was taken & written by Vijay sir and I’m still wondering y he asked her about her favorite Parathas in chandani chawk, I didn’t have any idea about the flavors of parathas nor this paratha thing relates with the studio photography! No matter, she likes Pudhina paratha for your information!)

We met Ms.Veena Bhatt (another Bhatt!). A beautiful professional make-up artist for whom studio-makeup is the passion. Studied in literature & was the pure Delhi wassi! She was the one who was in lime-light, all the efforts from dressing-up the model to the make-up creativity was all her talent.

Then the model arrives, Ms.Rupa Khurana, Indian Talent Hunt winner and was the contestant in the reality shows ‘Rahul Dhulahaniya Le Jayega’. Beautiful, tall, polite and sexy at the same time. She was the star in our PW, without her efforts we wouldn’t get those wonderful shots.

I realized how hard modeling was, you have to pose correctly as ordered by the photographer additionally you’ve to put your emotions for the shot as well. Its too hard to make different poses when the lights were hitting into your eyes, all the make-up & dress load and in the attention of every single person around. Heads off to her efforts & the styles she carry with herself.

We shotted western then move on to Indian Photo-shot. And every shot was/is marvelous.

This shot was very informative (specially for me!)… Coz we met another celebrity there, Mr. V.S Mehta, the professional photographer & the owner of FIPA India.

I was blessed to meet so much talented celebrities in the field of photography, modeling & glamour. I know the members were less but the spirit of learning was too high!

I would thank Jazzi sir, who gave me the lift to malvia nagar (where the studio was situated), otherwise it was not possible for me to reach. And Mr.Kalra who welcomed me & introduced me with everyone in a very polite & joyful way. And thanks for making our 4th PW memorable.


Harpreet Rishi.


  1. Excellent write up! It seems I missed all the fun! I must also meet Mr. Kalra.

  2. Thanks for the appreciation sir! Ya surely, he is the master... I've learnt alot from him :)
    Hope to see u soon! :)