Wednesday, August 11, 2010

People made Society? Or Society made people?

This article came-up in my mind while arguing with my Dad on the topic ‘Delhi’. One thing should be noticeable that we have divided citizenship according to the religion, no one have forced us or guided us but we did that by our own. Latest news ‘Allegations of financial irregularities in Common Wealth Games’ have helped me rising-up this issue. Many of my own relatives say that “This allegations has to be happened, at last its Delhi & Delhi people!” I want to know about these words ‘Delhi People!’ We have considered that ‘Delhi People’ are selfish, rude, and full of ego and are unfaithful, but what did Delhi done if its citizens are wrong? Delhi doesn’t have any special magical powers in its soil or water, which makes its citizen rude & unfaithful nor taught us any lesson related to corruption! Logically Delhi is the Capital State, people came from different region & religion and make itself their permanent address. Delhi is just a Metropolitan State in common words! 

In the issue of CWG financial controversy, my Dad’s reaction was “Its Suresh Kalmadi (O C’s Chairman) faults, and this allegation has to be happened as govt. selected ‘Delhi People’ to work internationally!” (O C stands for Organizing Committee in case u don’t know!)

Ok let me clear this, Suresh Kalmadi was born in Pune (Maharashtra, India), done his schooling & college in Pune itself, joint National Defense Academy again in Pune, was in Air Force Flying College that in Jaipur & Aallahbad and was in Indian Air Force as a practicing pilot in 1965’s war & 1971’s war with Pakistan. (I’m not writing an autobiography on Kalmadi, just want to highlight the states from where he had done his education part!)

As the conclusion, Kalmadi had never been to Delhi during that time of his learning days, but still he counted as a ‘Delhi People’ when he come under this controversy thing!

I’m not pointing/saying that Pune or any other state is wrong! I’m just trying to info u that ‘People make society nor Society make people!’ If citizens are wrong/corrupted it doesn’t mean that the whole nation is wrong/corrupted!

So next time when you say ‘Delhi People’ or ‘Mumbaikars’ or ‘Americans’ . . . Do keep in the mind that u r also a citizen of ur nation and can be counted among them also!

-Harpreet Rishi (Indian)