Friday, July 23, 2010

7th Photo-Walk – “Incredible India”

No we didn’t go for the India Tour! But have explored one of the most beautiful historical heritages of India- The Qutub Minar.

In the early morning (4am) I was listening ‘Sur Mille Mera Tumhara’ on A.I.R FM Rainbow. Later on @6am, I realized the true meaning of the song. It’s only in India where u can find unique historical monuments with a logical reason of building it, hence proved at Qutub!

Talking about the members, we are happy to have DFC with us to teach various abilities/disabilities in terms of Photography & gadgets. Jasbir Boora, Poornika Rishi, Yogesh Parashar, Sanjay Batra, Lovelish Arora, Debashish Sengupta, Ankush Maria, Anupam Chatterjee, Arindam Deb, Tirtho Biswas, along with Shagun Jasuja, Hakikat Boora, Vinay Mediratta (the new member of whom I’ll discuss later on) & (me) Harpreet Rishi (Thanks to my god gifted memory which helped me in remembering the names!).

Weather was not pleasant for the Monument shot as it was dull, a bit foggy on top & humid on down! But still we got some awesome shots (No matter it was of the Qutub Complex, Bird Parrot or the portrait session by Ankush Maria!)

We were not able to explore the whole Qutub Complex (due to the lack of time) but we shot the Imam Zamin’s tomb, Ala’I Darwaza (A.D.1311), Khalji’s tomb, khalji’s Madrasa, Tomb of Iltutmish and Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque.

Ankush Maria, Young talented knowledgeable handsome photographer working with India Today Group as staff Photographer and the admin of DFC was the first who thought to have a portrait session using Shagun Jasuja & Jasbir Boora (admin of FFC) as the models with Anupam Chatterjee, who was helping him there, and was Joyful, smart, creative and knowledgeable Photographer (he looks like Canadian NRI, don't know y!)

Debashish Sengupta, for those who want to know about cameras, gadgets and Delhi must contact him! Due to him I got to know which camera suits me and from where to buy cheap cameras with high quality!

Arindam Deb & Tirtho Biswas, The real surprise packages for me! The only ‘angry young man’ types serious & decent bengolies and now my best buddies! Arindam who was/is a phenomenal photographer, for him I would say ‘Great packages comes in thin-long packets!’ (Think positively Dirty Minds!). Tirtho, the guitarist, painter, designer… in short The Artist for me! (Wishing for the growth of Ur long hairs Tirtho!)… They are the only ones for whom I said (while chatting) “U laugh also!!!”… Now after having them, I’m sure I’ll enjoy the PWs professionally as well as personally too…

Vinay Mediratta, the telecom employee (ambani’s relative, hehehe… just kidding!) was the New member of DFC/FFC, and was kind of shy guy (don't know Y!) Happy to have u sir!

Sanjay Batra & lovelish Arora, DFC members, honorable, knowledgeable… While I didn’t interact with them, may be coz they seems to be the senior photographers…

Hakaikat Boora & Shagun Jasuja was the non-photographer but their presence was valuable. I would thanks Mr.Yogesh Parashar, the only senior photographer, and the bird watcher, strict for his timing, well disciplined and very knowledgeable in terms of birding. He was the one who helped us to reach the venue by giving us (Poornika & me) lift, thanks sir!

This PW was very special for me, not coz of my fvrt venue and not only coz I got my best buddies there! But of course coz First time in the PW I clicked some shots by myself! (Yuppie!) Our PW ends at 9:30am but coz some of us were really hungry (including me, hehe), so we went to Mcdonald’s of Saket. Had some American breakfast (haha...) with a cup full of valuable knowledge by Ankush Sir… And then finally we proceed to our shelters at 10:30am.

We shouldn’t forget to thanks Poornika for recommending the Qutub as our venue. And Congrats FFC for the first ever Monument Photo-walk!


Harpreet Rishi


  1. its really of luck suku...

  2. Really awesome always you did this time you rock.
    Keep it up gorgeous with full of fun and knowledge !!

  3. Thanks for the compliments & encouragement Ms. Photographer :)

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  5. Awesome writing lke u..........

  6. Thanks a ton Mr./Mrs./Ms. SH :D (I'm so sorry but i still didn't recognize u.. will u kindly post ur name too!) :)