Monday, June 7, 2010


There's one question which revolve around in my mind whenever i read a newspaper..

I Don't think so.....!!!

But our respectful brave Politicians says-"India is an Independent Country"...!

I guess for them INDEPENDENCE means beating the youth for the sake of showing their massive power n rights...
Or may be for them forcing and kidnapping small girls n trained them to become a CALL GIRL is called the INDEPENDENCE!!!
killing n destroying many precious life while making Delhi a pure Metropolitan State is the INDEPENDENCE for them...where we do not have guaranty of living long...

And no matter..

Killing women in the cases of Dowry, rape and girl-child abortion for them is the real INDEPENDENCE!!!

If these crimes, unfaithfulness n streets with blood marks on them are the symbol of INDEPENDENCE..then no doubt our lovable nation is an INDEPENDENT COUNTRY!!!!!

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